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How has PFA worked for the non-athlete or team sport lover?

Other Sample Lessons:


punch card

The objective is to work at your own pace and keep track of your reps on the different stations on the circuit. As you finish the allotted increment a teacher will hole punch the completed #. When your card is fully punched out an award will be given at an assembly to showcase your efforts.

For a 8 x 10 printable punch card (PDF) click here.

PFA has played a large role at my school during our Midday Fitness Program during the lunch periods. Six years ago I was asked to implement a program called Midday Fitness to take the place of recess on the playground. As a first year teacher I jumped on the opportunity to become a leader and start a new innovative program. This program was essentially an extension of the PE classes during the students' playtime after or before they ate their lunch. I was stationed on the playground during the lunch periods to run a variety of PE/fitness activities for the entire school over the 2-hour lunch periods. This idea was great for the PE teacher because it gave me more time with the children to perfect their skills and watch them grow as individuals. The philosophy behind the program was for the students to learn the skills during PE class and then put them into game play during Midday Fitness. This has seemed to be very effective at my school. I have created a punch out system for each student in the school to keep track of their reps and sets during their workouts. Since 1997, all seven elementary schools in our district have adopted the program and students all over are having Midday Fitness.Frazzano Class

Not only do the students get full use out of the PFA equipment during PE classes, but now in the seven schools in the district they are all using PFA during their Midday Fitness Programs. Certain schools have scheduled mandatory PFA days and some schools are optional.

PFA is used in each unit that is offered in my PE curriculum. No matter what we are doing outside, I will try to send the students to the circuit to perform certain exercises on PFA. Sometimes I use it to break up a lesson, or I purposely incorporate it into the rules of the game. The students enjoy the variety of two things going on at one time.

How has PFA worked for the non-athlete or team sport lover?
As we all know not all students love to play sports. We have all had the child who feels intimidated while being part of a large group. For many students at my school PFA has opened many doors for students who are timid, shy, and do not fancy the physical play of basketball, football, or soccer. PFA was an avenue for them to challenge themselves without large intimidating group atmosphere they used to shy away from. The students who would usually walk around alone are now actively engaged in activities that will enhance their life in a healthy manner.

Other Sample Lessons:

The objective is to play a normal kickball game working on all the fine and gross motor skills while changing some rules to accommodate PFA. Example: If a student kicks a foul ball more than two times in a row, he/she needs to go to PFA and perform 3 horizontal ladders back and forth. Example: If a student does not catch a ball with proper form, he/she needs to go to PFA and do 3 pole climbs. You or the student can make up the particular rules. If you take part in the rules they will be more apt to be more interested in the activity.

I have realized if you put the word challenge in front of any activity it really gets the children's attention in a hurry. This activity is a personal challenge; you give each student 3-min on each station. They count their reps and then next time try to beat their score. Give each student a clipboard to collect their personal data over the two or three PE classes you need to do the activity.

In closing...
I would like to thank PFA for nominating me with this award. It is an honor to be held in such good company with the many great Physical Educators that I have recently reviewed on your website. Your company and its affiliation with Morristown Memorial Hospital has really enhanced the lives of many children as well as mine. I hope PFA continues to serve our children and continue to promote healthy living and will result in long lasting lives throughout the process.

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