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2002 All Star Teacher
Peter Frazzano

Peter Frazzano

Thomas Jefferson School
Morristown, New Jersey

Peter as been teaching physical education for six years at Thomas Jefferson School in Morristown, New Jersey and has been using the PFA program since fall of 2001. He came to our attention because of his terrific success with developing student motivation not just to be physically active but also in all aspects of their life. He also has a real talent for helping his students set goals for themselves and keep them on track to reach those self imposed goals. His personal philosophy is:

"Seven days without physical activity makes one weak!"
"Motivate, Dedicate and Lead by Example”

Peter has gone beyond Physical Education to implement a program Midday Fitness to take the place of recess on the playground that has been modeled and duplicated in all the elementary schools in his district. It is this type of leadership to find new ways in and out of Physical Education classes to motivate kids and foster of love of physical activity at an early age that makes Peter a true All-Star Teacher.

Peter's Lesson Plans-Tips and Suggestions

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