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2002 All Star Teacher
Marilyn Denning

Marilyn Denning

Physical Education Specialist
Highland Elementary School
Elgin, Illinois

Marilyn has been in education since 1972. She has experienced all levels K-12, in teaching, coaching and administration. Marilyn teaches at Highland Elementary School in Elgin, IL and received a PFA grant in the fall of 2001 and has successfully used the program as her spring board to begin revising her lessons to include more fitness components, more "moving" time, more participation time. Every time she uses a lesson she trys to think of ways to change it to keep students moving. She looks for lessons that are fun and finds the best evaluation of a lesson is if the students, red faced, huffing and puffing, and wanting to keep playing when out time is up. That has been her big key to improving her test scores, making each lesson count in areas of fitness. Her innovation and dedication makes Marilyn an All-Star teacher in more ways than one.

Marilyn's P.E. Programs and Lesson Plans. Hints, Tips and Observations

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