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2002 All Star Teacher
Sara Cullinan

Sara Cullinan

Physical Education Teacher
Olmsted School
Urbandale, Iowa

Sara has taught elementary physical education at Olmsted School in Urbandale, IA for 10 years. Sara came to our attention in 1999 when we were sent the information about her newly formed “Roadrunners” club wherein her 247 1st-5th graders ran over 5,884 miles during their lunch breaks in just 10 weeks! This led to her school PTO and school district approving an 8 foot wide quarter mile track. Her leadership efforts to make physical activity a highly desired part of the school day earned her a PFA grant in the fall of 2001. Since that time she has "hit the ground running," literally, and at last tally the students in 3 years have run over 30,000 miles. She has done an outstanding job of incorporating the PFA program into her recess fitness program and has now become a role model for her district with the other four elementary schools in her now copying and implementing her program in their schools. Sara does all this extra work on top of being a young mom. Way to go Sara!

Sara's Roadrunner Club, Teaching Techniques and Philosophies


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