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2002 All Star Teacher
Angie Armendariz

Angie Armendariz

Thomas Manor Elementary School
El Paso, Texas

Angie has taught physical education for 14 years. She has been at Thomas Manor Elementary School in El Paso, TX for 6 years and received a PFA grant in 2000. We were very impressed when she wrote us to let us know of her personal challenge to master each PFA station, including the most challenging pull climb...and she's half way there. Motivating not only herself, but all her students to set their goals and reach for their dreams. Her “can do” spirit has brought fantastic school wide support, parental and community participation. She leaves no stone unturned utilizing, flyers, bulletin boards, newsletters, morning announcements; you name it, to promote physical education and to create excitement for the entire school. She leads by example with a determination to make a difference in helping students maintain healthy lives. Her belief is the words "I can't do it" don't exist...but rather “I’ll do the best I can!" Angie defines what it means to be an All Star Teacher.

Angie's PE Program and Philosophy

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