Shari teaches at Titus Elementary in Doylestown, PA and received the PFA program in 1999. When we came to in-service her school we found a campus alive and vibrant with Shari’s unique brand of music and movement inspiring and motivating the students. For instance, the students and teachers perform a Monday Morning Workout following the morning announcements. They are choreographed by 6th grade students to contemporary music and projected on TV screens in each classroom. The whole school has fun while exercising together. Shari’s enthusiasm goes well beyond the school day as she hosts a once-a-week after school free aerobics class for staff members bringing a powerful combination of healthy lifestyle and greatcamaraderie between co-workers. Not to mention the staff “modeling” the fitness behavior we endeavor to see developed with the students.

It is as her principal wrote to us “ Her enthusiasm for Project Fit America, exercise, 'doing your Personal Best', dancing for fun and fitness and walking your way to a healthier life is happily contagious to students and staff alike.”

It is Shari’s dedication and constant search to find new ways to engage and motivate her students and staff to be active and have fun that makes her a real All Star Teacher.


Congratulations Shari! As we begin 2002 we thank you for your leadership, dedication and care for health and wellness of our nation’s youth.

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