Gayle has been teaching physical education at St. Angela Merici School in Brea, CA for 24 years.

Her school received a PFA grant in 1999 and there has been no looking back. In the three years since Gayle’s implementation of Project Fit America, she has developed her own games, activities and assessments that allow the students to accomplish their goals. The lesson plans we are showcasing are great examples of her creativity, take a short of amount of time play and give the students more fun ways to stay active and fit.

Gayle believes that to develop her students' life-long lovefor physical fitness, she should (and does) love to act silly, role-play and use music to encourage free movement and provide a steady stream of praise and encouragement to her students throughout the day. She shows this positive playful nature in the riding of her adult tricycle when she teaches as she has an arthritic knee condition. It is this can do spirit and commitment to her students that puts the spotlight on her as a national All Star Teacher.


Congratulations Gayle! As we begin 2002 we thank you for your leadership, dedication and care for health and wellness of our nation’s youth.

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All Star Update

2010 Update

Gayle Chiotti, All Star Teacher 2002

I am now 68 years old and retired in 2002 from teaching Physical Education because of my arthritic knees. I was very blessed that the school administration allowed me to teach from my 3 wheeled bike for a number of years. The last class I taught is graduating from St. Angela Merici School and they still remember the bike when I taught them in kindergarten.

My arthritic knees finally had to be replaced so I had a total left knee replacement in 2005 and then the right knee in March of this year. I feel great and my quality of life has greatly improved.

I continue to work part time at St. Angela Merici School as the Financal Manager. I enjoy walking around the campus and watching the children using the Project Fit equipment.

I love the interaction with my 11 grandchildren (one on the way) , working out at the gym 3 times a week, traveling with my husband, gardening, making unique cards, caring for my parents and in-laws who both celebrated 70 years of marriage this year.

I encourage physical education teachers to attend local and state physical education conferences as I took home so many ideas that I could incorporate to fit my school situation. Physical education teachers love to share as I see evidenced by the All Star teachers over the years.

Thank you Project Fit America for your commitment to the physical health of our youth.