Vickie and Khris have worked together as a team developing Project Fit America at Pershing school in St. Joseph, MO since 1998. Vickie is the Physical Education teacher and Khris is the First Grade teacher. This is a unique partnership between the in-class instructor and physical educator who share a mutual vision that all kids need the opportunity to exercise and be active in a safe, consistent environment. Together these two teachers have created one of the best PFA programs any of ourtrainers have ever seen in field!! They created a dynamic before school voluntary exercise program that have over 80 students coming early to take part before school. This program, called Kid Fit, has rewards that carry into the classroom and back onto the playground during PE classes. In addition to sharing a summary of Kid Fit, we also have showcased several of Vickie's own lesson plans showing new and fun ways to use the program. Her “Easter Eggercise” lesson plan is one of our personal favorites.

Their partnership and team teaching approach to fitness for kids is a national model, and we are pleased to be able to give a “voice” to their passion and commitment and welcome these two as our All Star Teachers.


Congratulations Vickie and Khris! As we begin 2002 we thank you for your leadership, dedication and care for health and wellness of our nation’s youth

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