Candace has taught physical education for thirteen years and received a PFA grant in 1997 for her school, Bessemer Elementary, in Greensboro, North Carolina. She has created an exemplary model of fitness in education. We want to share her creativity in her lesson plans with all our PFA teachers across the country and archive her work for our future PFA schools and teachers. The lesson plans we are showcasing are unique in that she has used suggestions from students. In addition, the lesson plans require little equipment and few directions, but most of all they are fun.

In Candace’ s quest to create the best physical fitness program for her students, she has become a model, a real All Star Teacher and we are proud to have our program under her auspices.

Congratulations Candace! As we begin 2001 we thank you for your leadership, dedication and care for the health and wellness of our nation’s youth.


All Star Update

2010 Update

Candance Call, All Star Teacher 2000

Since being named a Project Fit America All-Star teacher, I have been blessed with many leadership opportunities. I am now serving as principal of my third school since graduating from the NC Principal Fellows Program. My greatest blessing has always been the adults and students I have been given the responsibility of serving. My office walls are covered with pictures and mementos of these special people and places. One of my favorite pictures is the one of you with the Bessemer children. Those were the days! Many people have commented that my office looks more like a den in someone’s home rather than a principal’s office. I have to admit that I didn’t intentionally set out to create a “den like” office, but it does support my leadership style. Building strong, healthy relationships is at the foundational core of my leadership philosophy. Leadership matters, but what most often makes a great leader is the people in the organization. With that said, I thought you might appreciate that I have no diplomas, awards, etc. in my office with the exception of my PFA All-Star Teacher Trophy and my UNC Greensboro Hall of Fame plaque. The PFA trophy reminds me of what can be accomplished when you have passion for your goals. The UNC Greensboro plaque reminds me of the importance of getting up and trying again after falling. I have provided a copy of my vitae below. While my blood is Tar Heel blue and Dean Smith is my coaching hero, I have much respect for John Wooden. He was credited with many inspirational quotes. The following are two of my favorites. “Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” “Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.”

Although I love being a principal, there has not been a day in the last seven years that I have not missed being a physical education specialist. I still find ways to be with the children like providing “Play time with the principal” if their class has perfect attendance for the week. Attendance has improved greatly at the schools where I have been principal and playing with the children helps to keep my stress level down. Some people are afraid to use the word play when talking about physical education and schools. I have always embraced the word and philosophy behind it. Children learn best through play and if we make exercise/fitness seem like work then we are going to turn off a lot of children and adults. Fitness and learning are fun!

Since becoming a PFA All-Star teacher, I have also had the opportunity to do much public speaking. My most memorable speaking engagements involve the Lyndon Baines Johnson School in Stonewall, Texas and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum in San Marcos, Texas. Meeting Lady Bird Johnson and her daughter Luci on two occasions have definitely been highlights for me. I have never met a more gracious and kind woman than Lady Bird Johnson. Just as impressive was her daughter Luci who is indeed a lady in her own right.

Also, Just wanted to make sure you knew that the Loflin PFA intitiative is my fifth! The first two were as a PE Teacher in Guilford County. The first was at Bessemer. The Bessemer results were awesome! I received the grant for Oak Ridge Elementary during that next phase.Then as principal, I have implemented the program at Archdale Elementary, Southmont Elementary, and now Donna Lee Loflin. So I have a PFA ring for every finger!

In closing, I want to tell you that you have been an inspiration to me since the first day we spoke on the telephone about Project Fit America. Your energy and drive is contagious. Earlier, I mentioned Dean Smith and John Wooden. One thing that unites them is their legacy of developing and molding leaders. Stacey Cooke, you are to be commended for developing the Project Fit America organization. More importantly, you are to be commended for the role you have played in developing so many leaders across our great country. There would not be a “Where are they now?” if there was not first a Stacey Cook there!

2009-current Principal of Donna Lee Loflin Elementary-Asheboro City Schools
2007 Randolph County Schools-Southmont Elementary Principal
2003-2007 Randolph County Schools-Archdale Elementary Principal
2003 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Graduate-North Carolina Principal Fellow
2002-2003 Administrative Intern-Colfax Elementary, Gateway Education Center
2000-2002 North Carolina A&T State University-Adjunct Instructor
2000-2002 Project Fit America-Staff Development Consultant
1995-2001 Guilford County Schools-Physical Education Specialist
Leadership Activities:
2009 Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program
2007 Guest Speaker at the Seattle “FISH” Conference
2007-2008 Mentor Principal
2006-2008 Secretary for Randolph County Schools Principals Association
2006-Present Communities In Schools Advisory Board
2006-2007 Progress Energy Leadership Institute
2005-2007 Superintendent’s Alternative Schools Committee
2005 Graduate of Archdale-Trinity Leadership Program
2000 Staff Development Consultant Project Fit America
1995-2001 Guilford County Schools-Physical Education Specialist Mentor Teacher
2009 Randolph County Principal of the Year
  Central Region Runner-up
2008 Featured on Fox 8’s “What’s Right with Our Schools” for Project Fit America
2007 The NC Professional Teaching Standards Commission invited me to participate in a focus group to discuss how to build trust in schools. I received this invitation due to my school scores being “among the highest scores on questions most closely related to Trust and Mutual Respect.”
2007 Inducted to UNCG Hall of Fame
2007 Principal presenter at the FISH! For Schools conference in Seattle, Washington
  Voted Distinguished Educator by the Southmont staff
2006 Featured in “Women to Watch” section of Today’s Woman North Carolina January 2006
2005 Christopher Columbus Award-Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce
2005 Voted Distinguished Educator by the Archdale staff
2003 Voted Distinguished Educator by the Archdale staff
2000 North Carolina Principal Fellows Recipient
2000 Bessemer Elementary Teacher of the Year
1998 Bessemer Elementary Teacher of the Year
  NC Governor’s Fitness Gold Circle Award
1997 NC Governor’s Fitness Award-#1 Elementary Program in the State
1992 Elkin Elementary Jaycees Young Teacher of the Year
1989 Awarded Outstanding Recruit Award for Boot Camp Graduating Class
1988 North Elkin Jaycees Young Teacher of the Year
Guest Speaking Engagements:
  Keynote Speaker for Grand Opening of the Junction School/LBJ Education Center in Texas
  Keynote Speaker for the Grand Opening of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum in San Marcos, Texas
  Keynote Speaker for the Archdale SerCo Banquet
  Keynote Speaker for the Asheboro Kiwanis
  Keynote Speaker for First Year Teachers of Randolph County
  Keynote Speaker for Asheboro Jaycees Awards Banquet
  Keynote Speaker for Communities In Schools Volunteer Banquet-Asheboro
  Keynote Speakers for Communities In School Volunteer Banquet-Archdale-Trinity
  Keynote Speaker for Child Nutrition Banquet
  Keynote Speaker for Randolph County Education Assistants Banquet
  Keynote Speaker for Victory Baptist Church Ladies Conference
  Keynote Speaker for Level Cross Methodist Church
  Keynote Speaker for the New Union United Methodist Ladies Auxiliary Meeting
Articles Published:
  “Surviving the First Year”-Today’s School March/April 2005
  “Student-Designed Games” Great Activities Magazine
  “Fun Frisbees and Math” Great Activities Magazine
  Project Fit America Grant (Four Times)
  Moses-Cone Wesley Long Community Health Foundation Grant
  Take Mom or Granny for a Walk Grant
  Guilford County Schools Mini-Grants
  Jefferson-Pilot Grant
  Chatham Corporation Playground Grant
  Keynote Speaker for Grand Opening of the Junction School/LBJ Education Center in Texas
  Keynote Speaker for the Grand Opening of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Museum in San Marcos, Texas
  Keynote Speaker for the Archdale SerCo Banquet
  Keynote Speaker for the Asheboro Kiwanis